Transition Activities & Strategies

"The effective management of transitions in the classroom - those time when teachers tell students to end one task or activity and begin another - can assist teachers in minimizing disruptions and behavior problems and maintaining optimal learning conditions for effective instruction."

´╗┐Transition Activities

  • Fishbowl Songs

  • The Numbers are Snowballing

  • Shapes and Colors

  • Bucket of the Day

  • Football Time

  • Quote of the Day

  • 10 Pieces Understanding

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Effective Teaching when Transitioning

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with your students will aide the student's likelihood of doing what you request of them.
1) Avoid direct confrontation of "bad" behavior
2) Use praise and encouragement
3) Use humor! :)
4) Give the students opportunities to be successful, make a contribution and feel important each day
5) Find ways to give unconditional, positive attention to each student
6) Work on developing a positive attitude and expectation for each student in the class
7) Use POSITIVE COMMUNICATION in all interactions with students


Useful Websites on Transition Activites: