The Least Restrictive Environment

"As part of IDEA, the Least Restrictive Environment is identified as one of the principles that govern the education of students with disabilities."


Components of Least Restrictive Environment:
  • All students with disabilities should have the opportunity to be educated with non disabled peers
  • All students will disabilities should have access to general education curriculum and extracurricular activities
  • All students with disabilities should be provided with supplementary aids and services needed to achieve academic goals
  • All teachers are required to provide a free appropriate public education


Court Case:

Clyde K vs. Puyallip 35F, 3d 1396
  • Court found that student was not getting academic benefits in general education classes and actually was regressing academically
  • Appropriate aids and services had been provided, however; the student was socially isolated

"Disruptive behavior that significantly impairs the education of others strongly suggests a mainstream placement is no longer appropriately."